How much do you want that Promotion?

One of my hobbies is observing and studying successful people. Every one of them has one thing in common, they have a story and in the telling of that story you will find self sacrifice, the price they paid for success.

Do you agree that you are disagreeable?

If you were described my a male or female colleague as disagreeable, would or should you be offended?

Let start with a definition of agreeableness and the science of personality traits! Conventional personality research defines agreeableness as two related qualities: (1) the extent to which you value getting along with others, and (2) the degree to which you are willing to be critical of others.

Keeping the lights on!

I just watched Steve Job’s address to students at Stanford University in 2005. He talked about three themes in his life:-

  •  Connecting the dots,
  • Love and Loss, and
  • Death.

 Every word he said resonated with me, especially on all three themes but even more so on the theme of death.

As a cancer survivor myself, I have often pondered on two questions,

Stand by your Man.

“Daniel Marvin, son of a pioneering movie-maker, who seemed to have a bright future working among the Hollywood greats. The groom helped his young bride, Mary, into the lifeboat but sacrificed himself”

                                                                                         Paul Gill, Story of the Honeymooners on the Titanic