Wondering about Weeds?

As training consultants we get to spend a lot of time working with teams that don’t work and working with team members that don’t work! What is common to all these team members that don't work, is that they choose not to play by the rules. They see themselves outside the team, not in the team. They happily expect the rest of their colleagues to play by the rules but the rules don’t apply to them. Rules get in the way of getting the job done. In great teams each individual aligns to the “team rules”. Without alignment there can be no trust, no credibility and no respect. We hear this word respect very often. All ineffective teams are in search of "respect".

The individual who cannot or will not align to the team "rules" is a “weed”. Weeds don’t’ respect anything, they operate in isolation, they do their own thing, they make their own rules and ignore the team rules. Weeds don’t participate or share anything. They have their own agenda.  A weed won’t take responsibility either, they prefer to shift responsibility to others and they are alien to any level of accountability. Weeds are full of their own importance.

Weeds are clever; sometimes you’re not sure if they are a weed! Sometimes they blossom, they fool you into thinking they seem harmless but they are not, they spread quickly and if not stopped can eventually take over. Some weeds are obvious and aggressive, others more subtle and sneaky. The end result is the same, they run rampant, they destroy what gets in their way. There will be no harmony in the presence of a weed.

I love gardening, I love my work, in both I have encountered many weeds. What differs is that in one world my task is to change the weed, get it to behave like a flower, in my other world I dont even think about it, I rip the weed out and restore balance to the garden. So I find myself wondering, can a weed really change or should we just pull it out as quickly as possible?