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Mary Keightley

Who should attend this online masterclass?

This course is for professionals who need to stay in problem-solving mode when under pressure, it is also suitable for managers who must manage changes in the workplace or for members of staff having difficulty accepting change.

This online course consists of 4 interactive 1 hour online sessions and one hour group coaching session were participants can ask questions. To assess Resilience levels each participant will complete an online resilience assessment. Each participant will also receive a Resilience Workbook.

Online Course Contents

Online session 1: This session will cover:-Why resilience matters and what it looks like. What are the 7 competences that measure resilience and the skills that build the competences. Each participant will complete a short resilience assessment to allow them focus on the key areas where they need personal resilience development.

Online Session 2: This session will focus on how you think, thought awareness under pressure and thought regulation. It will help you identify thinking traps and show you how to avoid them. We will show you how to develop flexible and accurate thinking under pressure to improve problem-solving and decision-making.

Online session 3: This session will focus on emotion awareness and emotion regulation with emphasis on the five toxic emotions that kill resilience. Participants will understand why they are experiencing and know how to deal with anger, anxiety, guilt, disappointment and embarrassment or a mix of these emotions that can be experienced when you are made redundant.

Online session 4: Will focus on Beliefs, Which beliefs are enabling you and which beliefs are limiting. We will help you reprogramme your mind to remove limitation and take you to higher levels of performance.

In the group 1:1 coaching sessions, the questions and content is lead by the participant's. This session is not recorded. 


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2015 Course Schedules GMT+1


Online Class 1  March 16 11 - 12 noon 
Online Class 2 March 16 11 - 12 noon
Online Class 3 March 16 11 - 12 noon
Online Class 4 March 16 11 - 12 noon
Group Coaching March 16 11 - 12 noon 

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