Whether you have a large conference with thousands of attendees or a smaller, more focused seminar or workshop in mind, we can work with you to deliver a Keynote that will engage the audience and leave a lasting impression.

Connecting with the audience to inspire, educate, or raise an issue is the formula for a successful keynote speech. This is the essence of our approach.

Our sessions deliver humour, challenging and insightful messages and audience involvement. The attendees will leave with new enthusiasm and clear focus on what action needs to take place to change and improve.



To book Mary to deliver a Keynote that fits your conference theme email info@topwomentopjobs.


Mary Keightley

Mary engages, inspires and entertains her audience. She has frequently been voted most popular speaker at conferences in the UK and Ireland.


Spartan Women (mental toughness for senior women) 

When you are on your way to the top or at the top, being tough is part of the job. Being able to handle the pressure is a key skill that can determine whether you succeed or fail. This is the trait that feeds the competitive edge. All top women possess an inner strength and this keynote will share the secrets of how to be build mental toughness so you can deal with the pressures of high office.

Program Length: 30 minutes to one hour


Linguistic Charisma

Do you know when to be direct and when to be indirect? Even if you make the right decision on when it is appropriate, do you know how to be effective in either direct and indirect communications. The end game is to get people to cooperate with you whilst at the same time respecting you. Women leaders must know how to do the 'conversational' work; the linguistic rules differ between men and women. This session will cover these rules and share the conversational strategies used by all successful and persuasive women.

Program Length: 30 minutes to one hour


 C-Suite Code

What are the secrets of successful women? What do you need to know and do to accelerate your leadership journey and arrive in the C-Suite? This session will help you crack the C-Suite Code. In this session we will share with you the operational and strategic tactics used by top women in top jobs to take their seats in the boardroom.

Program Length: 30 minutes to one hour


Instant Influence

All leaders must be exceptional communicators. With advances in technology we have even more ways to communication online visually and verbally. Using HBDI (the Wholebrain Thinking Model) this session will show you why you connect with some individuals and not with others. The session will help you become situationally competent to think and speak in a way that the other party “gets”. This session will show you how to upgrade your communication from transactional to transformational.

Program Length: 30 minutes to one hour



The Confidence Factor

To succeed everyone needs a little confidence, to get in the boardroom you need a lot. Confidence is a foundation skill for women leaders and without it, you will not succeed. This session will look at our very own "3PPP” confidence model and show you how successful women have used this model to build confidence and achieve their goals.

Program Length: 30 minutes to one hour