Keeping the lights on!

I just watched Steve Job’s address to students at Stanford University in 2005. He talked about three themes in his life:-

  •  Connecting the dots,
  • Love and Loss, and
  • Death.

 Every word he said resonated with me, especially on all three themes but even more so on the theme of death.

As a cancer survivor myself, I have often pondered on two questions,

  1. “Why do some people survive cancer?”
  2. “Why do some people die?”

Even without the answer to these two questions one of the most important reminders that Steve shares in his speech is that “We all will die and that whilst we are here we should do our best work in the time we have got”. He goes on to say “don’t settle, keep searching until you find what you love”..... I cannot agree more!

What makes Steve Jobs different and what I think he may have been talking about was curiousity. He had it,  in fact he had an infinite abundance of curiosity that enabled him to create a billion dollar business. Curiosity is the state of genius and without debate Steve Jobs was a genius and a phenomenon. He has left his mark just like Henry Ford and Einstein.

So this leads me to another question “Why aren’t we all curious and what kills curiosity”, I often meet people in my training world and I am often curious as to why some people just aren’t curious. It’s like their light has gone out and in some unfortunate cases the light was never on! What I feel is missing for these individuals is curiousity. To find what you love in work or life you must stay curious, keep an open mind and question things. This can lead to developing an interest, then a passion and bingo now you are hooked.

Forget the overused and useless cliche "curiosity killed the cat". Curiosity is the state of genius and even if it killed the cat it won't kill you.

If you are ever to find what you love in work and in life, you must stay curious.