How does our online training work

We offer three types of online learning

  1. LIVE Masterclasses and Coaching – interactive sessions facilitated by Mary via the Internet
  2. ELEARNING Modules – self-study classes that are downloadable to suit your own schedule and pace
  3. BLENDED Learning - face to face workshops combined with online training and coaching customized to your needs.

Our online training is delivered straight to the desktop or laptop so you can access training from wherever you or your TOP WOMEN happen to be saving time and money. We use the latest technology to deliver training that is interactive and inspirational. You just need to have internet access with a laptop or desktop that is camera and audio enabled.

What happens in an online training session?

Attendees can see and hear the tutor on their laptop/PC and are taken through a series of powerpoint slides. The class is as interactive as an in-house training session. The attendees can ask the tutor questions at any time, either using their microphone or by typing a question in the chat function. 


What happens if I miss one of the online classes?

If for any reason, you cannot attend an online class, a recording of the event will be sent to you via email. So you can watch it in your own time.


What do I need to take part in an online training class?

The technical requirements are:

  • A web-camera
  • A microphone (if the web-camera does not come with one built in)
  • Complete a system-test, it will tell you if your computer system has the necessary software, to do this now click here (If you use video websites like YouTube you shouldn't have any problems with this)


How do I join an online class when it's about to start?

We will send out a reminder email 3 days in advance with step-by-step instructions on how-to join the online event.
A second reminder email, is sent out on the morning of the event with the joining instructions and a link  which takes the attendee directly to the onlineclass.

So when it's time for the class to start you simply open you inbox, click the link we've sent you.