Are you winning or whining your way to the boardroom?

Ask yourself, is losing your job or not getting promoted an adversity or an opportunity? Do you ever wonder why so many people wish they could win the lottery? Some people think hope and circumstance will favour them, opportunity will eventually come their way.  The true professional knows that opportunity is something you create for yourself. As they say…you create your own luck!

So what is the difference in thinking between the average person and the true professional? The difference isn’t the thinking, the difference is emotional and that difference is fear. Security becomes very important to the average person that is why they fear change or any situation that means they are no longer comfortable like losing their job.  The true professionals get bored with security, they seek adventure, they love change and rather than fearing fear, they feed on it. So losing their job or not getting that promotion  isn’t adversity it’s a new opportunity.

Adversity gives the true professional opportunities to win. Adversity gives the average person reasons to whine.
So are you still thinking about all those limitations and hurdles that we women have in that journey to the boardroom. If so you’re whining! Start thinking about your challenges as opportunities, your risks as adventure and get excited about getting ahead. Who cares if it’s difficult that’s what makes it more rewarding and more fun.