Are you willing to pay the price?

One of my hobbies is observing and studying successful people. Every one of them has one thing in common, they have a story and in the telling of that story you will find self sacrifice, the price they paid for success.

To become “great” requires blood, sweat and tears. Winners know this, take responsibility and understand that personal pain is part of the journey; they keep their eyes on their vision and their focus on the goal they want to achieve. They plan with military precision and they execute that plan with steel discipline. They know there is no short cut to success and persistence is compulsory.

In contrast the average person will shirk responsibility and engage in four  mental strategies which include:

  1. Planning and avoiding work
  2. Thinking about the short-cut to success
  3. Deluding themselves that they do not have a choice
  4. Looking outside themselves for someone else to give them an answer.

The reality is they have decided not to “pay the price” of success. The truth is they know the answer but it is easier to pretend that with their “circumstances” and I have heard a range some of which include limited money, children, partner, opportunity, timing, mortgage and age have prevented them from being successful. It is difficult to hear that it is still your choice to strive or not to strive for success regardless of circumstances.

You can only have peace of mind when you accept that you made a choice (to strive or not to strive) and accept the responsibility and outcome of your decision. Acceptance will give you contentment the alternative is mental torture.