Are you the Obstacle?

If I could remove one thing from the mind of every woman I train for leadership positions. That one thing would be "doubt" That horrible feeling which feeds the thought "I can't"  and kills your dream. 

You and I both know you can, the real truth is you don't want or you are afraid to. The first clarification needed is that you know the difference between can't do and won't do and that you take all steps possible to eliminate doubt.

I can accept if you don't want to..

maybe its too scary, maybe the choices or sacrifices you would have to make are too hard/too great, maybe the effort is just too much, maybe you don't want to look stupid if you fail, maybe you cant decide yet or don't want to decide yet, maybe having the option gives you some sense of control.

Maybe its someones else's fault, maybe you have a family or want to start a family, maybe you have mortgage, existing financial commitments, your husband/partner has the career and it just isnt possible for you. So you accept "I can't".

But what if you had never heard the words "I can't" ? What if you never had a chance to doubt yourself? What if all you had ever heard all your life was "go on, you can"?

What would you be doing now?