Stand by your Man.

“Daniel Marvin, son of a pioneering movie-maker, who seemed to have a bright future working among the Hollywood greats. The groom helped his young bride, Mary, into the lifeboat but sacrificed himself”

                                                                                         Paul Gill, Story of the Honeymooners on the Titanic


Ready Steady Stop!

“Change”, that familiar word that can strike fear or excitement into the heart.  Right now many companies are faced with change due to globalisation and customers changing their buying behaviour. Some companies are downsizing, some are expanding into new markets, many have to rethink their current strategies to survive and get ahead in a difficult market.

The Need to be liked...

Have you ever been described as a people-pleaser or a yes man or yes woman? Do you often spend time thinking about whether you have offended someone, over stepped the mark or stood on someone else’s toes?

To value what other people think of you isn’t necessarily bad, women tend to be able to read people expression’s better than men, it is when you start to worry and obsess about what other people think of you, you start to misread people’s expression’s and this is where your judgement can fail you and lead to bad decisions which is detrimental to a leader.

Listen to the Critic

We watched one of the ladies on the Apprentice last night present their newly designed “Splish Splash” screen bath product to a major retailer. In the presentation pitch the lady failed to secure sales from the second retailer and I would suspect that the moment she lost the sale was when she could not answer the retailer’s question. “What would stop a two year old from taking the crayon and writing all over the bath instead of the “Splish Splash” bath screen?

Are you winning or whining your way to the boardroom?

Ask yourself, is losing your job or not getting promoted an adversity or an opportunity? Do you ever wonder why so many people wish they could win the lottery? Some people think hope and circumstance will favour them, opportunity will eventually come their way.  The true professional knows that opportunity is something you create for yourself. As they say…you create your own luck!