The Seasons of Life


I have always considered July and August to be the summer holidays. Most of us conditioned from childhood, as we anticipated and longed for the long summer holidays, two whole months off school. To this day July and August regardless of the weather still feel different to me.  As a child I just had lazy carefree days, total blissful indulgence. Now, this is still my favourite time of the year but instead of carefree days now in July and August, I plan time to work on the business as much of the rest of the year is working in the business. July and August is my time to review, reflect and plan for the next year on a professional and personal front.

I did not like this lesson but one that I have learned in life is that sometimes you will have times in your life when everything seems to be happening at once, and then you will have times when nothing seems to be happening.  These are the seasons of life.  Busy for me was normal, when I wasn’t busy, I felt guilty, I was restless and relaxation did not come easy, I would be planning to get busy in the periods that I wasn’t busy.

It is easy to get caught in the state on needing “busyness” it is also mental torture and will over time reduce your productivity and affect your health. Learning how to relax from activity and thinking became very important.

So learn to work with the change in pace, think and work hard in the busy season when you must and rest and recharge in the slower season. We all must learn to deal with a world that is complex, unpredictable and experiencing rapid and constant change. In the “busyness” of our lives, I choose to remember that the seasons will come and go and that I must work with the change in pace and not against it.